Thursday, November 24, 2011

And For Bacon, err.. This, I am Truly Thankful..

Now, come on. You didn't REALLY think I would let my favorite Go away, Christmas Season holiday go by without at least a short post about how lucky I am in my life. I am getting over the eaten post. With the 18 lb turkey waiting for a buttered cheesecloth blanket, I sit with the baboo watching the next Harry Potter installation and eating blueberry scones. I feel thankful. 

I can't help but think of those who may not have the concerns of not having enough matching plates, not enough tupperware for all of the leftovers for all the food no one will be able to eat. 

Some other things I am thankful for this morning, in no particular order. (this is my list, get your own.)

The Fam:

Special Agent: My true partner who doesn't mind filling non traditional roles in order to let me fill non traditional roles. We have certainly had our share of cobbled road, but we have something special and that guy makes me laugh, even after 20 years.  He will also roll chocolate balls for truffles, even if only to use the words "my balls" inappropriately in every way possible. It's Thanksgiving, use your imagination. 

The Baboos: I have so enjoyed being home more to enjoy all of the little things I was missing in their lives. They possess the wit and sarcasm that I have always hoped for in them, along with having kind hearts. They are rule followers like their Dad, which I am still trying to ruin. 

Our Fam: We are everything a family is: Messy, dysFUNctional, and even have some wounds we hope to heal. Nonetheless, we love each other despite our differences and even have a lot of fun when we manage to carve out a meal together. Good thing for Thanksgiving. 

Granny and the Baboo, and not even at a sports event!

MadMax: My niece Madigan is an inspiration to all every day. Her journey is one fraught with hard work, but you won't find a happier kid. She lacks the ability to feel sorry for herself, a blessing we should all be cursed with. She makes the saying" whatsamatta? Ya got half a brain or something?" seem like a compliment. She and her brother won't be with us for dinner today, which will be a break for her Mom and obsessive Granny, but will join us for dessert. Then, batten down the hatches.
Even rainbows can't resist this critter.

Flexibility: I am so, so fortunate to have been able to leave my job and become a consultant in order not to miss the little things. I know most don't have that opportunity, and I will try not to take it for granted. 

Flavor: Chocolate and sea salt. Bacon and pecans. It's no wonder I am no longer a size 6. 

DVR: I have never wasted time so efficiently. 

Good friends, old and new: What can I say about those who knew me when, and those who knew me now? We share it all, and even surprise each other. We all have a niche with each other. They're special.  They make me feel special. You know who you are. 
Who you calling "old", friend?
One of us has had too much blueberry
beer in this photo, up to you to decide who..
Blogging: I know nothing I write here is earth shattering, but it gives me an outlet and has allowed me to think creatively again. And I get to give myself a nickname. 

I could keep going, as I have many, many things to be thankful for. But that bird isn't going to butter himself. Hey, where'd he go? 
Today and every day, I am thankful. 

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