Monday, September 27, 2010

A lot of Layers

Welcome to ALL six of you following my *new* shiny blog. Or, my Mom and three friends, and two people who are lost in cyberspace.

I settled on this name for the blog because when I come up with a new idea or concept, or am displaying a sample of my often odd thoughts and musings, my husband sighs and says,

"Woman, you are like an onion; you have a lot of layers."

He said it when I rearranged Christmas morning gifts to a more Hannakah-style gift opening plan, and repeats it among sighs when I create elaborate lists, tables or processes to sort out a simple problems.  Problems that I then insist on talking about at length (usually to him, usually while he is trying to sleep). I drive him a little nuts, but he cooperates with my weird ideas, and even thinks some of them have had a bit of success. The layer comment is a compliment, I think.  

I like to imagine myself as this layered person, like an onion, even when I am being maddening. I enjoy peeling away parts of my ever-changing plan that are less desirable, or aren't working to expose parts that are shiny, fresh and new with promise. Sometimes the part I peel away shows more damage underneath. But I keep peeling, knowing I'll get to the good stuff eventually.

So, here it is folks. The onion musings that are even too weird for Facebook. Want a peek inside the layers? Don't say you haven't been warned....