Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hillcrest Elementary Alumni are NOT Over the Hill...and My New Plan for Junk Mail

I think I have finally recovered from the Way Back Machine girl weekend in Colorado, and I need to report back in for those of you waiting patiently with baited breath to hear all of the gory details.

All two of you.
(The short version involves mostly layer dip and wine.)

NO topless pillow fighting occurred.

The long version is a weekend remembering the awesomeness of friends you have had so long that they have become like cousins. We know each other's secrets, irritating habits and post-pubescent sexual experience, yet almost nothing about each other's present day to day lives. No matter, we love each other, and the years evaporate away as soon as we are all in the same room. In fact, I even caught two of them talking behind my back. Just like in 5th grade.

Nothing changes.

Being of legal age to drink IS something newer to our retro slumber party and we partook of many, MANY bottles of wine, margaritas MADE from wine, a few odd beers here and there and a mixed drink (someone just always has to be different). We didn't bother with restaurants, but noshed on crudites (look it up) I prepared lovingly...(wile many photographs were taken) with more wine, and some orgasmic Mexican layer dip made by a Gringo. I would share the recipe, but he says it has been in his family for WEEKS and he can't let it out.
I got nothin'..

There was definitely a "cutting
the cheese" remark here...
We discussed our career paths, children, marriages and which kind of Greek yogurt we prefer. We took exactly one hike (with roadies, def. #3) and someone overdid their roadie and wiped out hiking back down. (No injuries were reported.) Later, we tripped down to a bar just to break up the scenery and harassed the waiter while we watched the World Series.

It struck me several times throughout the weekend that through everything, each of us is still very much the same person as we were in our youth. I saw the same expressions, hand gestures (yes, that one too) and mannerisms I recognized from 30 years ago. Uncanny. The only thing we really are is older.

Miss Piggy, The Onion, The Doc and The Comedian

The last day in Way Back camp, we held our heads after a long and hilarious previous evening in the hot tub. All I can say is it was a DAMN GOOD THING that Winter Park was still in the off season and relatively empty or folks would have learned a little sum'pin, yo. We were in the tub so long, I may have developed a skin condition.

Brr! We assured our host friend that the tub would be warm
enough up there on the mountain....and not so much. The next
evening was hotter water and hotter conversation. And pruny fingers. 

We love each other.
We annoy each other.
We surprise each other.
We make each other laugh.
We keep each other's secrets.

Girlfriends are truly the best medicine, even when didn't realize you needed it.

In other breaking news....

I traveled again this week for a board meeting of the Wyoming Women's Foundation (please donate) as I am all about furthering women and girls in my state, yo. The younger Baboo hugged me upon return and asked "Are you going to stay home for a while NOW?".

Silly boy.
Of course not.

I cannot be stopped, you can only hope to contain me.

In need for a last  minute Halloween costume, Special Agent and I went almost as ourselves as an "under the influence Starlet and her Bodyguard". After a long drive across a big state, it wasn't tough to look like Lindsay Lohan's mug shot. Special Agent looked particularly dashing. We attended some friends' party and were (besides the host) the OLDEST ones there. Screw it. We played some Stray Cats on the Ipod and watched them scatter to the kitchen. Infants.

You can't see my prescription pill bottle or my
smeared makeup as well as I wish you could. I also skipped undies
in honor of celebrities who have bared it all unintentionally while
exiting the limo. Yes, I did! Prove I didn' can't. 
Still trying hard to get on my blog-ness and write something interesting. I will join some of the challenges again someday and try to make magic.

Some other things you may have missed while I was gone.

 - You no longer need TWO spaces after punctuation at the end of a sentence (this isn't new, but I am on a mission to stop). Originally intended to give a more visual break on a typewriter, they have gone the way of the Dodo...and Pluto. Good luck correcting this habit. I am in a 12 step program. Yes, I have to backtrack and remove spaces...a lot

 - Occupy Wall Street has been in the news a lot lately, but rather than standing in the cold getting a sore throat, occupy your mailbox and use this guy's tactic for telling big banking what you think of them...on their dime.


Danger Boy said...

I can't help it, I still use two spaces. I also use the Oxford comma, and that's the way I like it.

Wow, that was awkward said...

Are you SURE there were no topless pillow fights?

Amy Sumner said...

No undies huh? Special Agent approved I imagine. I hope to not see this on the cover of Star or whatever crap is in line at the grocery store while I am paying for my eggs. They always put it out there like Lindsay Lohan's vagina was dipped in 100K gold or something. Really people, it's just a vagina.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Ha! my post this week was Occupy Elm Street.

Memphis Steve said...

OK, as soon as I saw that there were no topless pillow fights I was SO disappointed!