Monday, October 4, 2010

Chucking It

So...several months ago I was a busy, blackberrying SERIOUS BIDniss woman, flying and driving around the Rockies doing public affairs work. At times I felt very important and smart...but more often I felt haggard and stressed. I missed my house, my kids, my husband and my mother. I hated breathing in and out while checking my blackberry to make sure breathing was on the schedule. I loathed the 10 early morning emails I would receive from my ridiculously intense boss, whose time zone created a buzzing 5:30 am wake up call, complete with anxiety. So, what did I do? I chucked it.  

I have spent the last few weeks doing a LOT of cooking, smiling and non-blackberry-scheduled breathing. I have had lots of coffee with friends, drank at lunch, and walked with the dogs to take and pick up the kids. I even took the kids to school one day in my pj's. It's been dreamy. What has two thumbs and isn't missing the daily grind? Me.

(Technically, I am consulting and have had a few jobs in the hopper to keep me in a miniscule amount of green. And while I lack motivation some days, it's a good kind of lacking...I"m going with it.)

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