Monday, June 4, 2012

Views From The Hammock

It's summer, and I am trying hard to find some balance between work and sheer unadulterated laziness. This balance is best represented by the visual of me trying to maintain myself in my hammock with a phone, laptop and work files...and a beer. I fell out once; luckily the conference call was muted from my end.

It wasn't pretty.

I wanted to wax political about the upcoming elections, but I have lost heart with regard to both parties and their competition at ridiculousness. A confederacy of dunces.

Today the fam and I are headed to another region of our fine state; a place that the last time I visited, gave me the idea to quit my job and get out of the rat race. I wonder what the hell kind of epiphany might come from this trip?

Time will tell...

I hope they have a hammock.

(by the way, have you seen these flip flops? Since this photo, they have gone MIA.)