Thursday, May 26, 2011

Better than Sex and Carbs...Almost

Today was becoming one of those mornings. I had another meeting at a local coffee place with a potential client who can't make his mind up. Or isn't sure what he wants. Or neither. Or both. Or at least, can't make his mind up to the level which would facilitate spending money to see his ideas become reality. I am trying hard not to help him for free, but i have that can't-shut-up-problem. 

So I am still at the coffee shop, wondering why this fellow can't make a decision to move forward. And planning yet another bday party for the other baboo.

I have been working for free quite a bit lately, of my own volition and sometimes because i am a know-it-all and I just can't help myself. I am hoping karma will catch me up with paying clients in spades. 

Do you hear that karma? 

Luckily my other paying clients and Special Agent are keeping me in electricity and the occasional Chai Tea. 

I might have pouted a little, but I received an email from the wonderful and astounding Mona Gable from BlogHer who wrote that they "loved" a seriously half-ass post I wrote from the couch called literally..Posts From the Couch - Lucky Ducks

I am to be featured TOMORROW on the BlogHer homepage (!!)) and in the BlogHer SPOTLIGHT (you heard me) on their Feminist topic area as a part of a new section called Funny Women.

Double yay. 

 Wonder and amazement! Laziness paying off! Again!

I think I owe some of those in the photos a doughnut for helping me in this endeavor. Unfortunately, The Rapture took 'em. 

More doughnuts for me.... 


The Onion said...

testing the comments and losing my religion over the comments drama.

The Onion said...

If I had religion, that is.

Sandra said...

Ok, have read from the top down to here. Your writing in those Indie Ink Well and the other creative writing are exquisite. Good for you for being selected by BlogHer, even if the post is'll come back! I have faith in it! Hey, half-assed is as half-assed does....ok, that makes no sense, but it sounds good.
And for the record, I have been unable to comment on several people's blogs. Whenever I try to leave a comment, it keeps trying to get me to "log in" to my gmail account. Weirdest thing. Anyway, I can see that I will be able to post this comment! I read the link you sent me, and yes, the non-rapture seems to agree with you.

Danger Boy said...

Yay for BlogHer! I wonder if there's a bloghim? Hmmm.