Friday, December 2, 2011

Lazy at the Layers

Because I am still in my pajamas.
Because I am supposed to be in the car RIGHT NOW picking up the baboos from their Friday volunteer job at the Science Center

But mostly, because I miss my brother at the holidays, I wanted to share this with you.

I would say more, but this well spoken gentleman says it best.

For Christmas, I wish for a world where we didn't look for the differences in each other.


fawn said...

His words moved me to tears... It just seems so simple and obvious.. It's always confusing to me that it is a subject of debate... So many bigger heart wrenching things to fret over... sex trade of women and children.. child abuse.. etc.. The sexual orientation of two consenting adults and if they can love a child the same way as a heterosexual couple is absurd.. Don't want people judging me because I'm poor.. divorced.. and at times a little crazy.. It doesn't make me a bad parent.. I still love my children just like anyone else... Thank you for sharing

Munch said...

Thank you very sharing. Very nice video and the young man is very well spoken. I'm sorry, as I know how difficult it is during the holidays; for those of us who have loved ones that are no longer with us. Your family and friends however are always there to support you.

~The Stiletto Cowgirl~ said...

You are amazing and a true inspiration!! Love ya'!! Thank you for sharing this!!

Random Girl said...

Wow, that video is awesome. True words ring clear.