Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Layer Exposed: Looking for a Silver Lining

Blogger is not working well for me today, and I am blaming my lack of success as a famous writer on this issue. (ahem). Moving on.

I am trying to fix it, so the comments section is more of a pop-up now instead. Please comment so I  can become a millionaire know it's working.

A silver lining of poking around in the settings is that Blogger appears to have added an option to make my blog more mobile friendly! Everyone likes a mobile friendly blog, so please to enjoy on your I-phone or archaic Blackberry like all of the little people (me) still use.

And, because I hate to waste your time with multiple Blogger whine posts, here is a fun video!

I like to pull goat ears..


The Onion said...

Looks like it might we working. Literary agents, you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Anonymous said...

It works. You should be well on your way to becoming rich now. BTW, poor little goats!

Munch said...

It takes a few seconds for the pop-up to come up, but other than that... all good

When you are rich and famous... please just remember the little people that made it all possible... like with gift bags and such, for at the movie premiere