Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's here...

The holiday push. Now, for those of you who think that I am chock full of holiday marshmallow fluff (it only looks that way in swimwear), you might be surprised to learn that Christmas is NOT my favorite holiday.

Santa hates me.

No children were harmed in the posting of this photo
So do retailers.

All this for overpriced tank tops? No, no thanks.

Still, I know the social norms and have overspent for my children so they don't end up in therapy. I have even managed to wrangle a few high-tech gadgets for myself.

I set a budget, and have *finally* convinced the adults in my life that we don't need to exchange gifts to show how much we care about each other. WINNING!

I tried to be organized, but I am still rushing around doing some things I dislike, which mostly include going to big box stores full of chaos and crying babies, including me. 

But yesterday, while on the hustle for some jello molds (jello salad is my assignment for Christmas and I may fail), I caught myself singing along with the Christmas carol piped in over the speakers. 

I felt better. 

I really, really like many Christmas carols. Maybe I am not so Grinch-y, I just dislike retail stores.

A few things on my list which will make my Holiday season brighter, despite my poor Christmas attitude:

Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army
The Baboos and I do this close to Christmas every year as a reminder to all of us that a lot of people have a lot bigger issues than getting the fruits of their overspending wrapped. We have standing-on-one-leg contests and sing Christmas carols poorly. We I make them work very hard to ring the bell in a non-incessant way which will not cause frazzled shoppers to snap. The Baboos are pretty charming, so I think we bring in a lot of dough. 
One legged standing contest. I always win.
I have sturdy legs.
Drinking with friends and family.
There are always a few impromptu get togethers with friends and their children which are easy and include wine. One this year is going to involve a White Elephant gift exchange, so wish me luck there. I am striving to bring something which is a joke, but also doesn't totally suck. Quite a tall order in my rural town. I am researching it, so sue me. 

Christmas food
Really, so, so much good stuff. I am all about making some sea salt truffles myself today, if I stop blogging and reading blogs so I can get them finished. I am also thinking a lot about my Mother in law's prime rib dinner and the brie I will make  and consume wholly for Christmas Eve at my Twin's new MBD-free home.

Blogging is probably why Special Agent had to help me last year.
He didn't mind since he enjoyed saying phrases which included "my balls"
a lot. He wears gloves from his crime scene kit, which adds to the allure.

Running into folks who make your day
Although I haven't seen my crazy friend JJ this season (I am actually a little disappointed) I did stalk run into this guy in the dog food aisle yesterday. I said, "You look a lot like Santa", to which he responded "I AM Santa...". And he let me take his photo for the baboo who is still on the fence about the reality of the sneaky gift giver. 

He told me he was watching me. And it wasn't even creepy. Santa, I am straightening up!

He was kind of the "oil field Santa", complete with Carhaart coat
and work boots, which was fitting for the area.


Sadie Wilson said...

I totally want to be invited to impromptu wine drinking.

Christine said...

At the White Elephant party I went to this year, someone actually brought a white ceramic elephant piggy bank. It was the most popular item at the party. We still don't know who brought it as it was an "extra" gift and no one fessed up. Maybe it was actually Santa! ;o)

Lazarus said...

This is a great holiday post. I especially love the bell ringing for others idea, that's a terrific way to remind oneself what the season is all about, thanks!

Just Jane said...

I'm down for making anything that includes using the phrase "my balls" often and with gusto too. What? It's funny! Also, I'm 12 inside.