Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RIP Dishwasher...

For those of you hanging *dramatically* on my dishwasher break-down saga....

LG. You piece of $hit.

I just shelled out $85 to find out that the wires of my dishwasher are fully melted to the inside panel. Super! Glad it didn't burn the house down. Sad I must now purchase a new one. This is why I don't own expensive bags and shoes.

I started looking around for dishwashers and I am seriously interested in this style, but will probably allow reason to take over and buy a boring old reasonably priced model. Sigh.

(Special Agent says there is no way in HELL this guy is thinking about the dishwasher while looking
at his wife's in this manner....)

I think Special Agent may have missed the point of my showing him this commercial....

this style