Friday, May 27, 2011

The Rapture is Getting Back at Me.

Comment Luv failed.

My Comment system is still wonky and may have been eaten from previous posts.

Now, I can't see my feature on BlogHer 's homepage, and I was denied access to the Feminism page where I see I am spotlighted.

Damn you, Harold Camping.

If I had the nerve and you weren't in hiding until October for "Rapture, Part Deaux", I would kick you square in the pants.

Second verse...same as the first! (I think Harold Camping was retiring from The Post Office about the time this song came out)

For the love of Pete, please comment on these posts so I can see if the Rapture backlash has ended.

Harold Camping, pick on someone else!


The Thumber said...

I feel your pain. It's been a week from HELL.

Anonymous said...

I see comments do you see comments? It must be a sign of the "end times" or perhaps it's just the beginning of something entirely different...

supermaren said...

Have you thought about using the Disqus comment system? I believe you can install it on Blogger.