Saturday, May 7, 2011

Like You Haven't Seen it on Facebook...

I know, I saw it. But watch it again. It's so funny.

I have spent a lot of hours at previous jobs creating voices for others, but I have yet to do it for the dog.
And tape it.
But, I could get there.
I have more free time now.

Happy Saturday. Enjoy laying on the couch.


The Empress said...

That's good stuff. I hadn't seen it before. Thanks for sharing : )

SherilinR said...

that kooky dog's funny. have you seen the cat ones on youtube? jupiter's the funniest.

Mrs. Tuna said...

My dogs talk to me with their sad eyes, "please feed us, or we'll get someone with opposiable thumbs to get someone to call the ASPCA".

Nicki said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHA....I loved that more than a person probably should.