Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harshing My Vibe

I have had some trouble with Comment Luv, so i am uninstalling it.

Comment Luv, you are dead to me.

I am hoping this post will be back to "Blogger normal", whatever that means.

I was doing the Comment Luv as a favor to my favorite commenting bloggers (all 2.1 of you) but it is becoming a headache for momma.


Since you came here, please to enjoy.Comment so I know all systems are GO.


Anonymous said...

Luv the blog please don't change even they you never have!

Toni Spilsbury said...

"Blogger normal" good... all systems go. Love the video, had to show my kids.

Danger Boy said...

There's a name for monkeys that taunt tigers. Snack.