Monday, March 14, 2011

Wyoming Conservatives, Thanks for Staying Out of my Virginia..

I am bursting with both pride and annoyance at the Wyoming Legislature this session.

Some elected members deserve a king size Sea Salt Soiree chocolate bar for using common sense in a crazy world, while others who latched onto the tea party teet and tried to ruin my state deserve a kick in the ass and a "no" vote at the next election.

Also, I hope legislator Bob Bechtel comes back as a woman in his next life.

The Tea Party keeps blabbering on about keeping government small, but apparently they only mean UNLESS they want to put on their morality police badge and help me make decisions that are only between me and my doctor. (Or about gay marriage, but that is a rant for later, alligator)

No other medical procedures require a 24 hour waiting period or an government required ultrasound. This hidden guilt tactic really only serves to further the agenda of the radical right and to presume that women aren't smart enough to realize the decisions we are making about our bodies and lives.

A majority of old white men have no business making decisions about what my friend Crazy K calls "my Virginia", thank you very much.

Women are not such idiots that we need the government to help us make the hardest of decisions, but thanks for asking.

In my VERY Republican state, thankfully there were enough old white men who agreed that women are just fine on their own. Thanks to the help of a couple of Wyoming ladies who worked very hard to keep big government out of the Virginas of Wyoming women.  Rachel Maddow covered it below.  Please to enjoy two smart and forward thinking cowgirls from the Equality state. After this and the gay marriage ban failure, I think Rachel is definitely headed to her Realtor to get a Wyoming summer home. Welcome!

Check out 3:48 to skip to of that which I speak.

So, a shout out to all those who, even though they may not agree with abortion, supported a woman's right to choose. This Wyoming woman thanks you from the bottom of her layered, sea salty, chocolate heart.

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Mrs. Tuna said...

As a sad and lonely democrat in Arizona, I am glad to see people voting against what is fundementally wrong. Great post, thanks for stopping by and following :)