Saturday, March 12, 2011

Succumbed to the Kindle..

The last vestiges of old school have left the building....

After telling most anyone I saw (who know I am a technological nerd-ball) that I did not want to have a Kindle, I finally received one as a gift.

After he dropped a few hints a while back, I told Special Agent I wanted to hang on to books as the last holdout for old school I still have in my repertoire, and then regretted my statement about 24 hours seconds later. But I couldn't admit it, so I had to PRETEND I still felt that way.

In order to cement it, I shared my feeling more widely to my friends, proclaiming my love for smelly old paper books  - yay. I lamented that i spent enough time looking at a screen without needing to look at one at the end of the day during my weird must-read-at-least-two-sentences-before-going-to-sleep-even-if-it-is-three-in-the-morning ritual. So there. I think maybe I even convinced myself for awhile. Kindle - Pshaw. So what if I have a shoulder injury from carrying books in my handbag?

Can'tcha just smell the paper? Smell it. No, seriously...smell it. 

But Special A knows me too well, and mostly, he knows I am full of shit. If there is a technological gadget out there, i am interested in how it works. Especially if it adheres to my work smarter, not harder life. I'm lazy. I like it when a machine does some of the work.

When he inquired about the Kindle, and a Nook a few weeks ago, my ears perked up like a Terrier. I also was smart enough to shut up this time and not ruin a perfectly good gift as I had before. And then..I waited. He couldn't wait for my birthday, and gave me my gift along with a co-conspirator friend who had bought me a cover. So I am now very stylish and smart with my Kindle and sassy cover. I kind of wish i had glasses to hang around my neck.

Get your own at

Its neat. It's very light. The sun doesn't cause a glare, which is apparently a problem with other readers. I downloaded four books right away that I have been meaning to read:

Death Along the Spirit Road (written by a local friend of Special Agent's)

Half Broke Horses (also wrote The Glass Castle)

I started SA's friend's book and the reader is very nice. It is still a little foreign to me where to put the bookmark, but I am sure I will figure out how to dog ear the pages soon enough. 

Only real annoyance: No Kindle ready People Magazine available? Suck.How will I become a literary scholar without that?


Danger Boy said...

I'm hanging on to my paper. There's something awesome about a bookshelf filled with troves of knowledge and entertainment.

Nicki said...

I adore my Kindle. I still love books, but for travel/long car trips? There's nothing better.

i'mtransplanted said...

I'm with ya on the People magazine oversight. I'd also like to find a few of my textbooks on there as well! The Mister loves the kindle because he doesn't have to worry about as many stacks of books falling on his head in the middle of the night, crushing him in his sleep. He's so cranky like that. ;-)

i'mtransplanted said...

Also, I wish we weren't sick and covered up with homework because we would certainly attend the book signing of "Death Along the Spirit Road". After all, the author did teach me how to shoot a gun! =)