Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rinnah, Rinnah, Robsta Dinnah!

After a few trying days of trying to finish up my taxes (sucky. I am spelling, not math-minded, people), I have had several  bits o' good news to brag about share.  My layers are practically bursting with joy. 

If I were any better, I'd be onion rings.

The Wyoming Woman Magazine has selected a shorty ditty I wrote about my Mother for their April Issue. It was a last minute deadline I ran across on Facebook, and there was a word minimum...never a good thing for a blah-blah like me. Luckily, my Mom is so great that it was easy to write about her. I will post it soon, maybe for Mudder's Day. 

(I won a weekend at a bed and breakfast which I should really offer to my Mudder. WHo, because she is my Mudder, will say "No, thanks.". Love ya, Mom.)

In even MORE exciting news, Blogher has selected my post, Just When Reality TV was starting to Pi$$ Me Off, to be featured on their site, TODAY. You heard me. My layers are quivering. It's HERE

Blogher is, in their words, "Reaching more than 20 million unique women each month* BlogHer is the leading participatory news, entertainment and information network for women online. Women turn to BlogHer to raise their voices, discuss relevant issues, aggregate their influence and engage with a supportive community of others doing the same..."

"more than 20 million..", DIDJA HEAR THAT NOISE?? 

I am veklempt. Truly. 

Take that, taxes. 

It is wonderful to be recognized by a peer woman's blogging group of that magnitude. I wrote a quick email to Special Agent to share my joy of womanhood. 

To which he replied:

Will there be pillowfighting?  



TCA1974 said...

Good job!

Anonymous said...

Again with the pillowfighting? I'm so proud and happy that the rest of the world is noticing how amazing and talented I know you are!! My teenage daughter even thinks you are funny (WAY funnier than me in fact ;)

Elle said...

Awesome!!!! I have secret (well, not so secret anymore) fantasies about being contacted by BlogHer and asked to write for them...what? It could happen! I've started following because I do everything Janet Jones (Jonesie) tells me to do! : ) Actually I would follow even if she didn't because I find you funny. Good day!


Emily said...

Thank you for following! Good for you for all the writing accomplishments! And seriously, why are men obsessed with pillow fights?

Danger Boy said...

Special Agent rocks. That's such a perfect response, and one I likely would have made. Anyway, congratulations on the recognition!

The Restaurant Manager said...

I really hate doing taxes!! Sounds like you had a good week though! Good for you!