Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tub Nostalgia

The Onion and her bad influence friend, 2011
This post comes from a hot bath, about a photo in a hot tub. There's probably a message in there somewhere.

This is a new photo, but I keep stopping at it as I miss the girls of my youth and reminisce about the recent Way Back Machine trip. The one in the back is me.  In the foreground, one of my best friends (and sometimes worst enemy) since grade school.

We met the first day of kindergarten, when she said to me at play time;

"Let's run."

I was the product of a strict mother and knew running was against the rules. Again, she said:

"Let's run." 

So we did.

And, we got in trouble.
And, we had to sit in time out.

My twin sister watched with big eyes as I sat in the central time out chairs, looking like the dog with the cone around my head. We both knew our Mother would not approve. And that she would probably find out about this incident of time-out-ness.

The girl in the foreground?
She didn't care.
She didn't cry ( I considered it)

Look at her in the photo. That was the exact look she had on her face....

I was hooked.

This post was inspired by a Write on Edge prompt asking me to write about a photograph of myself. Apologies in advance for the swimwear. 


Anonymous said...

Hehe, I love how that photo captures so much for you - not just one instant but an entire lifetime of fun and friendship (or sometimes?!). :)

Kim said...

That's great you guys have remained friends for so long!

Anonymous said...

That was a great blog!! Short and sweet!! I'm honored that you picked me to write about!! That hot tub day was a great bonding moment for us, to me!! Glad to say we are stll good friends and it been like a marriage for our friendship!! Till death do us part!! Through goodtimes and bad we will remain friends!! I love you like a sister!!! XXXOOOOXXX Here's to many more memories my friend!!!

The Onion said...

300 word limit for this challenge. This is around 200, but I am either short or long. I have no middle.