Sunday, June 5, 2011

When Blogging Gets Creepy

So, I should have know that writing a post about posing nude, even in the interest of ART or to build a better self body image might bring out the kooks.

So NOT pervy..

I received a message to my Facebook Page via my crackberry yesterday from an interesting looking fellow, who shared that he is a photographer, Optical/Aerospace Engineer...and Nudist.

and is 72.

The visual was distracting, but I pressed on.

He shared that he was willing to chat further about my interest in nude modeling.  Of course.

I cocked an eyebrow at the crackberry. He seemed like an odd duck.

I kept reading. He was also from Wyoming. Hmmm.

Nude in Wyoming.


I considered this "shared state" business. I wasn't sure if this was a good thing. I like lots of distance in FB stalkers, something I wrote about here.

I have also mentioned here that I have a little obsession with Google. When I got home, I Googled Mr. Nudie just to make sure he wasn't a dangerous somebody.

I pursed my lips and nodded slowly, feeling the eyebrows come out.

Ok, now I am pissed.

He was a dangerous somebody.

In fact, he was a registered sex offender in my fine state. Incest. Further Googling made me sick, and I shuddered that I had even entertained having a conversation with this person in any format. It also caused me to remove all identifying names and places from my Facebook and Blogger account, as well as blocking the writer.

God damn it.

Just made me want to take the whole blog down.

Take this blog and shove it.

Special Agent is going to flip. (Stop flipping Special Agent)

While the writer deserves to have his photo posted, I am not going to share it and exacerbate this situation.

I will however, link to the site where you can check to see the list of sex offenders in your area and make yourself aware of who may be acting like a benign and interested party, but who might really not be someone you want to share time with, period.

Search by name, State, City, neighborhood, etc and then prepare to be pissed
off when you realize how MANY there are and how close they live.
Notice: If you are kind of strange, have a lot of layers but are harmless, welcome to my blog. If you have done harm to others, especially children, you can F*** off. Don't come here. 


SherilinR said...

icky! aren't you glad you checked? it's easy to get a little careless sometimes on here, but thanks for the reminder of why we shouldn't be. ever.

Random Girl said...

Wow, good for you for being diligent and doing your homework on pervo, not like you were seriously considering his "offer" to "help" you but still! Creeper x 10! I would be beyond frightened if I could put a face and criminal record with some of the Google searches that put people at Random Girl... the search words alone freak me out sometimes. Anon fo' sho!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Ewwwww, I glad my kid is finally older but still good to be alert.

connie P said...

Thats really creepy.

wendryn said...

Glad you checked. Sorry it was bad. :(

Munch said...

Wow, that's disturbing. I'm glad that an internal alarm of sorts was triggered and you checked out this guy. If something positive can be taken from this... it's a reminder that the internet can be a dangerous place and people, women and teens especially, need to safeguard their personal information as much as possible.

Danger Boy said...

There are some truly effed up people out there. Please keep doing what you do, though...I would cry if you stopped. And nobody wants to see that. "Crying Boy" would be a bad blog moniker.

DCHY said...

I want to cross off nude modeling on my bucket list too. Other than talking to friends who I don't want to see me naked with my extra limb dangling, the options are: hire a professional or check with colleges for requests for a flabby middle-aged man. Since money is a luxury for me...

Wow, that was awkward said...

Yuck. As cool as social media/internet is for 'meeting' new people and discovering cool content, there is a dark and dangerous side that we need to always keep in mind.

Jumble Mash said...

Why are registered sex offenders ALLOWED to have a Facebook page? Seriously.

Lazarus said...

That is one of the unsavory aspects of the internet, for sure. THanks for the link, just checked my zip code, "only" three offenders, one a woman. None close by. Good resource though. At least this guy is 72 and you can probably punch him out if he shows up... hopefully no more contact from him.

The Simple Dude said...

Very well said. Creepy is.. well.. creepy. And that situation is even beyond creepy.

Hopefully your blog will survive this. I am sure he's already moved on.


Sandra said...

Oh gosh, I understand the violation you feel. And I get the whole wanting to shut the whole blog down. It's like that loser tainted your place. I had some weirdo send me nude pictures of his "girlfriend" and wanted to know if I wanted to swap nude pics. My finger lingered over the "delete posts" button of my blog for a few minutes there too. Hang in there and don't let this stop you!

Colbie said...

UGHH!! A little creepy, okay a LOT CREEPY!! Especially since the old fart lives in the same state as you. Be safe!!

Elle said...

That's nuts!!!! I would be totally p*ssed if I were you, too. We go by aliases in part for this reason, but mainly because of the jobs we (or our husbands) hold. Good luck! I hope he never comes back or gets hit by a bus...yeah, that would be good! : ) Take it easy!

i'mtransplanted said...

I'm starting to believe you when you say that you draw these types. I'm thinking of the phone dude now....HTF did this guy find you? SIGH...I've got another one for ya if you're interested...**insert owl eyes now** .

Nicki said...

I'm sorry, lovely. That's absolutely horrifying. People like this make me cringe away from the blogosphere.

Nubian said...

A great reminder for me to stop being so trusting in the blogging world.