Friday, April 29, 2011

Fiiiine. It Was Wonderful and Marvelous...But the Coffee Ranter Does NOT Agree

Ok, so I was totally off about the Royal Wedding. The probable future King and Queen seemed wildly in love with one another and it didn't rain. I was guessing, so give a girl a little poetic license.

I was up at 4 am for some karma-riffic reason, but I REFUSED to watch it from then until next week. I read some boring stuff, ate some cereal out of the box and went back to bed. When I awoke this morning, I made Special Agent wake up to the news coverage. He just luuurves the Royals. It's the Irish blood in his veins.

It would awesome if now it were over, but who are we kidding.

First comes love
Second comes marriage
Then comes Will and Kate with a baby Carriage..

And we will get to hear every hypothesis, premonition, leaked insider info and whispered detail.

The end.

Just because its snowing at the end of April today, and because I couldn't is the crazy ranting guy who frequents the same coffee establishments that I do. Sometimes he loudly rails against the media and government on the phone and sometimes to other patrons (not me, I have a no eye contact policy with weird coffee dudes). And sadly, sometimes he rails to the poor employee who cannot escape him.


Imagine the staccato ranting with this nice girl's voice
 saying "Oh really?" repeatedly.  She deserves a raise...for
not saying what I am thinking, which is "Weird Coffee Dude. Please shut up."


Danger Boy said...


Blondie said...

Doesn't he know those Coffee establishments are all part of the liberal agenda? I mean come on, it isn't called the Coffee Party, it's the TEA Party and I bet he isn't drinkin tea. pssshh...

Anonymous said...

Everyone should have an opinion, but not everyone should share it. Especially not ALL the time. One must pick and chose their audience and even when I agree with someone, when and where they chose to rant can be down right wrong and uncalled for. (Emphasis on the uncalled for part....)

Jones Family said...



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Random Girl said...

I too have a strict no eye contact policy under the same circumstances. Coffee shops and airplanes, please do not talk to me strange ranting man. Or do so at your own risk. Just sayin'

Wow, that was awkward said...

Although I hate coffee, I go to coffee shops all the time (I drink a lot of chai). I love the people watching. The crazies are part of the fun. One time at band camp, I mean in NYC, my girlfriend was being accosted (in a friendly way) at a Starbucks by 'Brother John' while I was in line. I got our drinks and couldn't help but enjoy the show. Instead of rushing to her rescue, I snapped a few pictures and watched as she politely tried to make him go away. It was quite amusing.

Nicki said...


Now coffee ranter dude? He sounds amazing. More of him, please. =)

Genell Hodges said...

He's our Chic's & Chocolate stalker! I didn't even have to see the pic to know exactly who you were talking about. In fact at Walmart last night I was in need of assistance to locate an item and NO other wally worker in site but him. I lucked out and he kept his information to an all time low (as I walked away saying "Whew thank you, lord")! I swear he LIVES at Brother's Coffee?

The Onion said...

Does anyone come back and read their comments to see if I reply? I never reply thinking none of you will ever be back to this post. So...if you are coming back to see if I respond...holla. I'm confused.

Genell Hodges said...

Miss Layered Onion, I did tonight, because I was so curious as to see what else you had to say? After I commented, I also wondered how you got away with taking his pic, and him not knowing? Or then again, maybe he did? I think it would be safe to assume he didn't or you would of got roped into some discussion about that?

Mrs. Tuna said...

Hey now, weird coffee guy is my boyfriend, stop it.

Reptiles in the Ice Cream said...

oh, I think he hit on me one time... makes me sad he is crazy and all, but that does 'splain things.