Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Princess Wife

I am sick to death of hearing about the Royal Wedding, but apparently I am jumping on the band wagon myself. I keep seeing the lovely Kate Middleton and remembering the stress of a small wedding, let along one of this caliber. I feel sort of sorry for her. Such expectations for a young woman who may merely just want to marry the man she loves.   

She leaned her head against the glass, watching the miserable drizzle of the rain. She sighed.

Her Mum approached, resting a hand on her daughter's hip in a gesture she remembered from being a younger girl. It was the almost-hug, very proper.

Barely audibly and not averting her gaze out the window, the girl quietly said  "Look at them... look at all of them standing there in the rain...just waiting."

"Yes", her mum replied."They are waiting to watch you become a princess."

"I don't even think I know what that means", she replied in a half tone. 

"It means you will be marrying the most important man in England. The one who one day, may be King. Which means that you, one day may be Qu.."

"Oh, Stop it Mother...I know what it means in that regard, but what could that possibly mean to these people that would make them stand in the rain - SLEEP in the rain, when they don't even know me?"

She sighed.

"Darling, don't be cross with me. You're coming into the best days of your life, dear. You will have all you want and more."

"What I want is to marry the man I love and hide away from all of this fanfare which surrounds it! Mum, they are making bets on my honeymoon knickers!" 

Her Mum eyed her more sternly. "Don't be petulant, darling. You are a very lucky girl to have won the heart of a good man, and moreover a prince. There are responsibilities with all good fortune."

She laughed at her own childishness, muttering "Does anyone at all think that perhaps he was lucky too?"

She bumped the wood of the window frame with her fist gently and said, "It feels as if I am in a play and my beloved and I are merely actors who will go our own separate ways after the curtain closes!  This is the most personal and special day in a girl's whole life, isn't it? But I must share my bit of personal with the entire world."

Her Mum hugged her shoulders from behind and rested her head on the side of her daughter's arm. 

"Will it stop, Mum? After the wedding...will it stop?"

Her Mum closed her eyes behind her daughter's back and said softly "I don't think so dear." 

"It looks like a few more days of rain."


Jumble Mash said...

I too am sick of hearing about the wedding.

Anyways, did you write that? That's amazing. I love it.

Random Girl said...

I am sick to death of the royal craziness and all things revolving around this wedding but I love the angle that you took on this. Making it about her, and her moment, and her simple expectation of what she would like versus all that is being put on her. Very nicely done!

PencilGirl said...

I loved this take on the wedding! It's beautiful, and sweet, and maybe true.. :| :) :)

Anonymous said...

Silliness is what it is! It's nice to see someone look at it in a little more personal viewpoint. If I was the mum, I'd be a bit more jaded, but that's just me, being married to a "Special Agent" of my own....

Bushman said...

Wait...who's getting married?
Keep you head in the sand friends and all is quiet!

The Empress said...

Hopefully the saying about being careful for what you wish for won't be the case for Kate...

Blondie said...

Well, thanks a lot! I was just fine NOT caring about the wedding and you had to go and personalize it...sheesh. Now I just feel sad for Kate...I wonder if her feet are cold? :)