Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Day

My sweet Baboo is home sick today.

She was up and raring to go to open gym this morning when....nope, she decided to throw up instead.

Open gym out.
Throwing up in.

So here we are, couched up, watching back episodes of Glee, Top Chef and other shows we like. We are sharing a blankie and she is rocking the IPOD touch while I do a little work, and a little blog'n. It's cold outside, so I can certainly think of worse places to be right now.

I remember staying home sick back in the day. My Mom didn't work outside of our home when I was small and I remember wanting to stay with her. Continuously. My teacher's name was Mrs. Klein, and I loved her so much, but she was no match for having my Mom all to myself.

I learned quickly that if I went to the nurse THREE times, she would call my Mom to come and get me. It was tough to keep asking Mrs. Klein to go to the nurse, but she was so nice that she let me. The nurse would ask what was wrong and I would explain a generalized malaise. When she asked "do you want to call your Mom?", I tried not to smile when I nodded.

My status was a Platinum level user

My Mother didn't let us have soda and one thing I remember so clearly about staying home was having 7 Up. And processed saltine crackers (I still think of them as a comfort food. Love. Them. ). This was the rule of stomachache, and I reveled in it. Laying on the couch with a blanket, watching game shows, my Mom doing her thing around the house, and occasionally checking on me. She was mine. Allllll mine. My siblings were at boring old school ((sticking tongue out))

But ol' Sandy was no dummy. If too many sick days occurred, she started throwing out the doctor threat. Subtly at first, and then with gusto. She knew this would break me. Amped up on 7 up and white flour, I would sort of FORGET that I was supposed to be sick, and give myself away.

Me:                Jumping up and down on the couch while watching "Let's Make                          A Deal"
Sandy:            Oh...I see you are feeling better..
Me:                ((Slumping down immediately with the big eyes)) uhhh, a little                              bit..
Sandy:            Oh Good, because if you don't get well, we will have to go see                           Dr. Pat.
Me:                I think I just need to rest
Sandy:            I'm SURE you will be well enough for school tomorrow                                      ((staring pointedly with the big eyes))
Me:                I hope so. (Clutching crackers and jelly jar of 7Up)

Dammit! The Dr. Pat card....mean. She knew I knew that Dr. Pat would would know I wasn't sick, or might think I WAS and give me a big shot or something. Sigh. Back to school. I am trading in my 7Up for a lukewarm milk carton. Sigh, sigh, sigh. At least Mrs. Klein would be there.

My sweet Baboo is wolfing down raviolis , so suffice to say I think she will make it. I am also peeling myself off of the couch and trading in my DVR remote for a community meeting. Sigh, sigh, sigh. Sick day is OVER.


Krissy said...

Isn't it funny how kids think they can eat anything even with the threat of possibly throwing up? With my mom, you better be running a fever or you were not staying home. Sounds like you had a great cuddle day though.

Reptiles in the Ice Cream said...

luv it. I remember having my dad to myself and dancing for him. He was so pissed.

The Onion said...

I thought the sweet baboo was healed up, but she is looking worse. Sick day again tomorrow...with a trip to the doc as well. This is very far away from crackers and 7Up and not fun at all. :-(

Jones Family said...

AWwww!! I hope she gets better soon. One of the worst things in my book is puke. UGH! I hate it! I really don't know how I got through the early years with 4 kids and puke. I cringe thinking of it now.

In fact the reason I married my hubs is because he took care of my little girl all night one night when I was ill with a stomach from hell (both ends! ACK!). The next morning I walked into the living room to find her asleep on his chest on the couch. Come to find out SHE had been puking and yanno alll night long. He took care of her without EVER waking me up!

Yup married him fast! LOL

The Onion said...

Turns out it is Influenza A. So sorry to those we have exposed and those we have yet to expose, like her brother. And her Mother.