Monday, October 4, 2010

Take my dog..please.

This dog for sale. While sweet natured and not a barker....this dog will eat ball bearings if she thinks they might be food. We have recovered:

  - the entire contents of my purse, including TWO packs of gum
  - tea bags
  - toothpaste from weekend bags
 - evidence from the case of the missing birthday cookies (plastic bag, NO cookies left)
 - my smartly wrapped Christmas gift (formerly under the tree) the snow. Good thing for the bright bow.
 - a house guest's lotion, stolen from her purse during a card game
 - customers Girl Scout Cookies (luckily they were for family)
 - My own ill fated box of Samoas
(The list could go on, but you get the idea.)

We think the pilfering stems from a failed post knee surgery diet, and a week of "fat camp" at my mother in law's house. Since then, if it isn't nailed down and even MIGHT be food, all bets are off. I know, I know some of you are worrying about this naughty dog's intake of both chocolate, xylitol and possibly diamonds, but I assure you, after an entire box of Samoas...she merely napped. Two packs of gum, not even a twitch. I was sort of hoping for death.

The latest victims were TWO print cartridges that I planned to return to the office supply store since I no longer have a printer which uses them.  At around $25 each, I was a little stoked at the idea of cash that seemed to come from nowhere, which could only be spent frivolously.

But, noooooo. Bad dog! baddogbaddogbaddogbaddog. I think she felt bad in this photo, in the Wal-mart parking lot, amidst the cardboard packaging pieces. And she was still hungry.

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