Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Running Program

  Ugh. The new trend of runners are taking over the Starbucks, (particularly on Saturdays, and who exercises on the weekends?) taking up all of the space and chairs with their sweaty, healthy bodies. They talk loudly about (you guessed it) their "running program", shin splints and the 5k/half marathon/marathon they are training for while syncing their giant path mapping watches on their skinny wrists.

It isn't just coffee; everywhere i go lately, people are yapping it about their "running program". I hear it in on Facebook, in airports, lunch restaurants, soccer tournaments, and probably even in church, if I ever went to one (correction: I did hear it at a funeral, check!). They do/don't/love/hate running on treadmills/outside, and sometimes travel in running pairs, like animals loading the arc. Serious RP's are wearing some kind of gel packs around their waist which is just a little weird.

The sudden fascination with running is getting on my last NON running nerve.

So...I have a new running program. Whenever I hear someone say the words "running program", I am going to run as fast as i can in the other direction with my hands over my ears, saying "LALALALALALA..." I am sure those on a running program will discuss my form, and how I will end up with shin splints if I continue to run that way.

I tried an RP once, called the Couch to 5K program, since I like to try new trends myself. I rocked the couch portion, but the 5k part never quite took off...


windybot said...

I started Couch to 5k too - until the shin splints set in. Luckily, my couch is heavy-duty, and continues to support my weight.

Yes, I'm reading your old posts. I think you're an awesome writer. I'm just trying not to comment on each and every one!

Anonymous said...

How did I not see this one before? I think what you needed was some classy (nasty) rap music suggestions from a friend to really get you going!!