Thursday, December 13, 2012

If Wishes Were Layers....

Hello from the Layers, Gangnam holiday style! 

I am dancing under this sweater.
My BFF-pal Munch has tagged me in a neverending-pay-it-forward blog-a-palooza where I am pressured requested to write about 5 wishes I have for Christmas. 

But, here's the thing: 
((whispering)) I don't believe in wishing. 

My swami, Pema Chodron talks a lot about how hope/wishing is really futile since we have to experience what we will experience in our lives without avoidance or wishing it were different or hoping it would be better soon. 

Yes, seriously. 

(Don't judge, read all about my experience with leaning into the sharp points HERE..then love me more and then come back)

Special Agent is somewhere rolling his eyes at this, although he *tries* to get me. He would say the reason I don't wish is due to one of my layers he calls Spock. WHat?? A Willie Wonka comparison a few months ago and now Spock? 

I will admit to being a little overly logical and realistic, and that I have slightly protruding ears, but...Spock? 

Ok, maybe.

But for a friend, specifically the munch who is making women feel better about themselves all over the blogosphere....

My 5 wishes for this holiday the Meanie Onion

1. Of course, my first wish is that my mother remain in cancer ass-kicking mode and that by Valentines Day we no longer throw lingo like 'white blood count', 'chemo pump', and other yucky cancer-y words. We will be over that shit. And still eating a lot of lunch together.

2. My second wish is for the folks in the Oncology waiting room whose situation is much more uncertain than my mother's to kick cancer's ass as well. :( Get well, darlings. 

3.  This one is none of your beeswax.

4. I wish all servicemen and women serving away from their families don't have to be away much longer. 

5. I wish that those who are sad, lonely or unfulfilled by their lives this season find what they need in the New Year. 

There. Done.  Live Long and Prosper and junk. 

I am happy to link up a few fellow bloggers as well who are awesomesauce and deserve a fly-by.  

Check out Munch, linked above as well. I didn't want you to forget, since he is a friend to all bloggers and will definitely give a shout one when earned. 

De Bie Hive - Although we have never met, we have mutual friends. It WILL happen. I know it. 

Reptiles in the Ice Cream is crazy in all the right ways. I love her long time. She also got her own domain, adios Blogspot..

Rowdy Rodney: Also follow him on Facebook. He has a new book out and I am extremely JEALOUS. He also has a cookie line. You heard me. 

I'll Have it on the Side - She and I are having some issues with blogging regularly, but when she does, it's enjoyable goodness.


Munch said...

It's not my fault... it's that Kelly girl, who made us write! I was all about being bah humbug too! Then I wrote something and I honestly feel better.

Sadie said...

Oh thank you. You have to come kick my ass to start writing again!

DeBie Hive said...

Yep you were right, I love Pema. Gosh. One of these days, we'll really meet. I won't say I hope your wishes come true, since I'm not supposed to hinge things on hope...but I want them to happen. :)

Kyle Kulseth said...

I like your post, here. It is good. HOWEVER...PLEEEEASE, no more references to "Gangnam Style." Pretty please? My hate muscle for that "song" and the accompanying "phenomenon" is so sore at this point...

Mrs. Tuna said...

K...what's the beeswax option? Dying to know. Cause I'm nosy like that.

Rosa (please roll the R) said...

yo, I think it is normal not be a wisher.

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