Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Check Me Out...I'm Social, Yo.

Hi Mom long lost followers! I know I have been ignoring the blog, but the pay ain't great. I have a good one in the hopper right now though, so keep yer pants on. It's tax season, and that always gets me riled.

Check me out, writing for Social Wyoming on their blog TODAY, April 3. I am sure glad it wasn't an April Fools Day, since this is my FIRST paid blogging gig. I choked a little, but the fine editing of my boss Juliette ((snicker)) saved the post. 

Click here. . Social Wyoming - 4 Reasons Your Social Networking isn't Working

I'll wait. ((drumming fingers))

I am S-s-s-o-o-o-o social, yo.

If you ever wanted to feel smarter about social networking, Juliette and her team are the ones to watch. Like their page to learn lots and oodles about social networking. 

And, because you made the effort to stop by, here is a little something for you to enjoy.

This clip NEVER gets old! 


I might try this on Special Agent or the baboos someday. (tee-hee))


The Defiant Marshmallow said...

Congratulations! Enjoyed the "4 Reasons". I have made mistakes involving all of them at one point or another, to some degree. Not too embarrassed, because it's all about learning from them and moving on.

Great to see them and lock them into the brain though.

windybot said...

Glad to see a post from my favorite Onion. Brings a tear to my eye ;)

Something else about social sites for your business is fan postings. When fans respond to posts or come up with posts to your feed, they can quickly go viral. So even the newbie Facebook pages get a lot of play when they are semi-active but have fan-fed content! Have that 15 year old fan your page and give them a buck every time they post something relevant to it.

Nice article, too. Slightly jelly that you got PAID to blog, but not surprised. You're a wonderfully entertaining writer! Looking forward to your next post :)