Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall is in the Air and So are Allergens

Please to enjoy the adorable sneezing baby panda below and be assured that my continued sneezing is nowhere near as entertaining. I looked for a horse sneezing for a better comparison, but no. My allergies are a little flared today, as they are every year at this time. It's awesome.

After several weeks of high temperatures, it appears that Fall received the memo to start with the lower temps and wind TODAY. Normally it seems a little more transitional, but this morning was a tad frosty. I love fall, and I welcome all but the allergens every year. It's cool and breezy today and feels like football weather. It's delicious to get out of stagnant air conditioning (achoo!). Our autumn season is normally a shorter one, pre-empted by snowfall or a cold snap so I try to enjoy it while I can.

I worked at my Bountiful Basket Food Co op site today, and I was glad I am the type of person who doesn't clean out the car often, since I was able to retrieve a random sweatshirt from the rubble.




I thought it best to stay away from loading the baskets with produce, with all of the unsanitary sniffing and nose wiping. I am now looking at my "bounty" (I kind of dig saying that..) and deciding what we will and won't eat and what can be hidden in smoothies and lasagna. I feel like cooking some healthy muffins, and maybe a few pre-made lasagnas. The fam is hiding.

The baboos are back in school, which pleases me to no end. They are great to have around, but this life without a day without laying on the couch a schedule is a little weird for us all. I think we are all sort of sick of free time and we really want to feel the inflexibility of a rigid day to put a snap back in our step. Or, at least I feel that way.

We have been getting out of our pajamas for a whole week now and are no longer using swimming as a substitute for showering. I have begun the last of my classes toward my degree and am ignoring my homework right this very minute. The kids are sporting it up and Special Agent is fighting crime like he always does to allow us the opportunity to bitch about all of our free time.



i'mtransplanted said...

Way to make me feel bad about having a runny nose and loading baskets! I mostly used my damn shirt sleeve...mostly. ;-) I love the allergy medicine fog I'm in right now...This house looks like hell and I'm downloading music. Zyrtec rocks.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about this, because I had nothing until today but I am now looking and feeling craptastic. This is Jennifer Hallinan. You may not recognize me behind the Kleenex.

Sandra said...

4 more days 4 more days 4 more days! That's the amount of days left until my broad goes back to school! So glad you are all back to showering instead of using chlorine as a soap substitute (I giggled! You're funny!)

Nicki said...

I am stomping my feet and pretending that autumn doesn't exist.

Normally, it's my favorite season, but this is the first year when I feel like I haven't truly had a summer.