Monday, August 8, 2011


Hello, excuse me for interrupt...

(Louder)I SAID HI - EXCUSE ME...

Oh hi. Say, I was wondering if you have seen my motivation?


(slower) MOW-T-VAY-SHUN .....?

Yes. I can't seem to find it. I have looked everywhere.

Where have I been where I may have left it? Hmmm, gooood question. I have been quite a few places, but I haven't been carrying it with me much lately.

Nope, mostly just sunscreen and beer.

An ad is a great idea!


LOST: My Motivation. Comes and goes in varying levels.
Wearing argyle sweater and flip-flops. If found,
please return to
Owner will be home, you can count on it.
This little ditty was a prompt from StudioThirty, which said: Write a missing ad for something that you have lost in your life. It can be any of the aforementioned items (animate or inanimate), or something else you seem to have misplaced along the way.


Rosa said... glad you are back...with our with out your motivation....

Nicki said...

Look at that genius prompt. I wish 20-something bloggers had more smartypants stuff like that instead of a general encouragement to waste your work day in the chatrooms.

Danger Boy said...

Ah, motivation. I remember it well.

DCHY said...

Oh, sorry! I found it last week Monday...totally rocked as first baseman (having never played that position before) for my coed team, narrowly lost in final inning.

What will you give me for what I've found? ;)

Left Coast Guy said...

This is what you write when the engine won’t turn over or the fuel is just…bad. But its writing and its till creative. Sometimes we have to scrounge to keep it going. Keep it coming!


*^_^* said...

Nice post! Keep it coming!!