Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look Kids...it's Big Ben!...Parliament....

After several grueling days of catching up on laundry and lounging by the pool...I am headed back on the open road for a trip to the farmland homeland of my parents.

My Mother planned to make this trip on her own, as she has many, many times but flooding in Iowa has created a detour right in the CENTER of her route. The new route makes her a little nervous, so the baboos and I are jumping on board for the the trip.

Eighteen marvelous hours with The Onion, her Baboos and her Mother. Instead of traveling through scenic Iowa, we will be heading south to trailblaze across beautiful Nebraska. ZZZZZZZZZ...Then detour further SOUTH -  further into the Cornhusker state and then across KANSAS in order to get across the flooded areas..

Who knows, Topeka might be awesome. I have never been there, so...open mind.

You are HERE
But you can't go THERE
You gots to go around.

En route, we will stop by a major airport and gather an Aunt who is also coming in. We will see a lot of people who will all think my kids look like someone else. They will also remark on how big I have gotten.


I will bid one of my favorite Uncles a final farewell; I will miss his expressions. I will again suffer the loss of my own father as I watch my cousins say goodbye to theirs.

I will visit Huck's mini mart and possibly get a blue eagle sno-cone for old time's sake. My kids will hopefully catch lightening bugs. We will celebrate the 4th of July in a hometown that isn't ours.  My hair will grow exponentially in the humidity. I will hug a lot of people I don't really know.

On the way back, we will be "plus one" my 92 year old Granny Grunt.

After a hiatus, I feel a blog coming on...


Random Girl said...

Sounds like quite the family filled adventure at hand. Travel mercies to you and the fam. I love the Griswold references, no one could do a vacation wrong like Clark! Hopefully yours will be slightly less eventful. Just don't tie anyone to the bumper or the roof ok? That's frowned upon these days.

Danger Boy said...

Flooding is a bitch. Holy carp, that's one serious detour...I will now refrain from future bitching at the 1 hour detour to my parent's when the river is flooded.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Um yeah, maybe I'm not jealous of your vacation, maybe a little.

Nope checked, I'm okay staying home on the sofa.

The Tame Lion said...

Flooding is terrible. :(