Saturday, April 23, 2011

When Did You Choose to be Straight?

(Sorry to those of you who choked on your toast while reading yesterday's blog post. I am not known for my prudish language, but that was an all time high for me at crude writing. I was in a man's head, couldn't be helped. If you are not that man, my apologies. But I kinda think you're lying.... )

Moving on.

I love this.

I. Love. This.

There is nothing quite like seeing someone's light bulb go on about a topic they felt they were certain about. 

To each person's credit, they appear to accept that they might have been wrong. Credit also to the interviewer for keeping the conversation neutral. No one likes to get ambushed.

Credit to and Facebook Pal and Follower LadyMadonna99. 

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Danger Boy said...

I remember when that video first went viral, and how much I loved it. I do like the interviewer's tone, quite often you hear questions like this done in a hostile manner. This one makes them think, and you can almost watch the light bulbs turning on.