Saturday, April 16, 2011

Texas Takeout...or When to Eat IN...

While I waited for take-out dinner, I had a peek around the bar to see what kind of man-folk they had to offer in San Antonio, in case my newly single and smokin' hot sis wanted to guss up and come down. Here is what was available in the bar:

He looks a little like feathered-hair "Steff" from Pretty in Pink in a bad way.
The puca-shell necklace and girl sunglasses combined with the pleated khakis did me in. 

These two tigers looked like they had slept in the alley,
and said "Dude" every other word.
Long sleeves or tank top?
Long hair or backward ball cap?
You decide. 
I told them Stephanie was lonely and available *snicker* and I would send her right down. I did not tell them she snores.

A lot of oh-so-tempting selections....but she stayed in the room with me. Is she a great sister or WHUT?