Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something Borrowed, Something Half Assed....

Bee-bee-bee-bb-eebee-bb-beee ****My battery is dying and I am typing in the dark with the Twin and her fam sleeping all around me like yard dogs. Nonetheless, i HAD to get this out:

The fabulous and wonderful Blogess wrote a post HERE about a fun new site she came across called "Yes, that can be my next tweet"  that was slap-ass hysterical, and i couldn't resist. This site looks at your past tweets and then comes up with what it THINKS could be your next. Stupendous!

I am not much of a tweeter, so I doubt I gave them much to work with. I used to use Twitter for work, but it just didn't last. I started using it during the legislature, but crapped out when the session ended. I most recently converted it for this blog, so you can see we have a mish- mosh of silly going on. You have to try this; here are mine:

  1. I DID about my waistband...of my waistband...of my Virginia..
  2. I DID about you? Devon Energy Corp. presented $26,000 to Pi$$ Me Off A Lot of Layers: A Lot.
  3. I figured I suspect it more for work.
  4. Wall Street Journal - we are getting somewhere. testing, 1..2..3..
  5. Crawfish Crisis!
  6. Thanks! Sage grouse as butterfly - great idea.
  7. Devon Energy Devon Energy CEO: oil, gas prices to tuck mine six shooter into my Virginia..
  8. I hear you can make working out a comedy sitcom...I might actually believe you.
  9. Eh, hoser! I agree completely.

Seriously, hosers....what else can i say?