Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photography Fail

My posts have been leaning towards the long-winded the last few times. 

I'm sorry. 

Have you seen the commercial with the kid jumping off the diving board in mid-air asking his Mom when she plans to take the photos out of the camera? 

That kid could be talking to me. 

I am not good at traveling with a camera, or uploading and printing off photos. I have taken to using my blackberry more often than anything to capture our layered moments. Most times I upload to Facebook, so that's like printing them, right?.... Wrong? 


I have been trying to get my photos off of my blackberry for some time now, but nooooooooo. I have some sort of cyborg blackberry that won't allow me to plug the phone to the computer and snatch the files off of it simply. Many Google searches later...still no. 


For you viewing pleasure, here is a sampling of the weird and wonderful photo layers that have been trapped in the blackberry since September or so.  I had to EMAIL THEM TO MYSELF. 

Damn phone. 

Sweet Baboo goes to Camp. This moment she looked really grown up.

I wanted to cry.

She wanted me to LEAVE.
Pre-first day of school in case I forgot the first day of school photo.
It happens.

Kids were highly annoyed at me for making them take 
this in the hall at school. 

This captures each of the baboos personalities perfectly. 
And would never have been captured on a real camera. 

The skeleton was not paid for this modeling job.

We do not promote violence in our household.

"Show me your war face!!"
We do NOT promote violence in our household
(taller baboo has a peace sign on her shirt, see?)

We went through a sweet roll thing....

Laying in wait for Special Agent

Look closely. Those are limbs..well, they ARE, but not tree limbs.
Special Agent better bring his 'A' game

Shorter baboo sleepover in my room. Sometimes I can't help myself.
Look at that lovely boy and his streaky hair..

Baboo #2 wanted to be a Marine, so I was showing him how
(Hey, I don't pee on the seat!)

We sent this friend's mom to say:
 "see, all is well - just manhandling some snakes.."

Dr. Baboo Doolittle
Seriously, this kid is so silly and fun.

The Baboos and friends at a professional soccer game.
The teams tied, so no winner. Soccer is so weird that way.

Finn exploring my office as Indiana Jones. I'm feeling it, are you?

Again, a sleepover night. I just can't help it.
We have had to seriously lay off of the sweet rolls. Cool Cat
Cousin came to help with this batch. 

The Halloween Costume that keeps on giving. 

Imagine him saying, through gritted teeth,
Special Agent and I, drinking and smoking...candy cigs at the
Wade Bowen Concert in Denver, CO
We're rebels.

Our dates for the evening. Q and K are a perfect match for us.
She and Special Agent get bombed;
He and I discuss WHY our spouses are bombed..again.

See what I mean?

Seriously, these are the nicest kids. Love them. Love. Them.

Baboo and her street gang, getting their ice cream on.

Which one did we choose, Special Agent?
That is an EXCELLENT question....we didn't.

"Who has my phone?"

Offering moral support of the blog

We tried to have a serious, traditional Christmas photo, but no. 

Even if she is sideways...isn't she cute? Going to a concert and
scaring me with how grown up she is becoming.

Like the kids, sometimes I just can't resist sleeping creatures.

I hope no one minds that I put a photo of my balls on here.
Salty or peppermint balls, your choice.


Anonymous said...

Love the "Marine in training" photo! Wish my Marine had announced his decision at that age! Would have saved me a lot of latrine cleaning over the years (with 3 boys in the house!)

Deb S

Jones Family said...

These are amazing pics! I love the nicknames you have for everyone.

And in my book you totally got your pics printed!

Great job!


Lance said...

I like the pictures. The kids are adorable.

Great article for Studio30plus

Nicki said...

ADORABLE. Especially the Indiana Jones costume. My heart melted a little.

Jumble Mash said...

Lovely photos!

Danger Boy said...

Yay baboos! They are "teh cute". Love the Indy impersonation, very good indeed!
Also, is it bad that I'm jealous about that Nerf gun? I must get one for Little Danger, yeah, that's right...for the boy, honest.

Hilary said...

I'm bad for getting my photos printed. I have everything I care to show on my blog but my printer doesn't get enough of a workout. Your kidlets and creatures are just adorable as are all your comments. Thanks for your visit to my blog. :)

Hannah said...

Loved seeing your pictures! Cute kids!! And your captions had me in stitches! So funny.

Bushman said...

Hi Onion,
I was just perusing through some blogs I follow (SD) and I clicked yours. I couldn't have come across a better post. I so wish my kids were that young again. I didn't even know I missed that until now. Innocence is bliss is it not?
Like your blog. I love to cook as well and I will be following you from here on out.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Okay, my photo confession........I travel around with my canon sure shot and take pictures of people for my what not to wear album on facebook. I have 97 pictures in.

Lazarus said...

Great pix, really cool. Funny, I always just e-mail my Blackberry photos to myself rather than trying to download them directly to the computer. I think with digital photography the quality turns out being the same, but if not, I can't tell anyway... Thanks for sharing!