Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Heart Texas Weather...With a Cherry on Top

The Stars at night....are big and bright.. (CLAP_CLAP-CLAP!) Deep in the heart. of...well, you know.

Greetings from Texas, Y'all!

Although check in with lots of bags was a little hectic, once we unloaded some of the gear the Twins did well on both flights and in the airports. So did their nervous flier of a mother. She didn't freak out once! 

This was AFTER we checked the bags...
We needed a Sherpa

My sis played a round of "Tune in Tokyo" with the TSA over some vanilla snack packs for Madzilla, and although I sniped at the TSA crew a little (the mother of the special needs kid - REALLY?) I was just secretly glad it wasn't me. 

Safety First

So here we are, in lovely San Antonio (don't try to break in at my house, Special Agent and the Baboos are there and they will fill you full of lead.)

The weather is delicious
The Riverwalk is in bloom
It's Fiesta week

Do we look tired? We are.
By the time we got in yesterday, we were pretty tired. We walked around some, and then ate at the Rainforest Cafe, against our better judgement. The kids liked the jungle atmosphere, and the food was what was expected. No matter, since the kids didn't bother to eat theirs. Their Mom and Aunt did.

We also took a boat tour, which was more fun that we expected and let us see a lot of the places we would like to visit. Mads got a little tired (who am I kidding, we were all tired - it had been an early morning flight) so we headed back to the room.

Mick wanted to go to the pool, so Mads and I hung out in the room where she took a swim in the tub..

and threw her pj's in when I wasn't looking.

Then we had some quiet quality time looking our of our hotel window to the Riverwalk below. This is one cool kid.
For a mostly non-verbal guy, we talked about
a lot of the people going by below.
While walking, Stephanie and I were wildly jealous of all of the bars and restaurants that were not "Mick and Mads friendly", so we drowned our sorrows in some room service.

They forgot the guac and you know what? We made them bring it too...

Vacation rocks.

You know what else rocks? My pal Hannah from Erratic Questions About a Simple Life gave me an award yesterday, wasn't that nice of her?

The rules say I have to list 3 things I like about myself.
hmm. This should have caught me on a higher self esteem day.

1.  I like that I have an easy time telling the truth. I don't like bullshit and I try not to shovel it outward. You will probably NEVER wonder how I feel about a topic. (I said these are things I like about me, not necessarily things others like about me...)

2. I like that I can find almost anything, anywhere. I can find things on the Internet, and I can find things Special Agent and the Sweet Baboos have lost. The secret is that I keep looking, but don't tell them that. They think I am *magic*. As far as the Internet, I just can't leave queries like "who sang the theme song to Top Gun" type of questions unanswered. (Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins)

3. I like that I am not afraid to see something is not working for me, and change it. This means I change jobs a lot, like this latest adventure into consulting. If this ever stops working, I will make something else work instead. (But I sure hope I don't have to and so far....good stuff).

I am also supposed to pass it on to 5 7 ( too many good ones!) blogs I think are deserving of a Cherry on Top. Please take the time to go check these folks out, I certainly do...usually when I am supposed to be doing my work instead. They won't disappoint:

1. Absolutely Narcissism - Seriously, don't drink beverages while reading. They will come out of your nose.

2.The Barefoot Foodie - So much more than food. And she has good hair.

3.Dangerous Leanings - Although he has boy cooties, and write about Scotch and video games - I Lurve him.

4.Miss Tracey Nolan - She reminds me of a friend I wished I knew better in school who is just so damn cool.

5. Reptiles in the Ice Cream - So what if she is obsessed with Paula Poundstone in a way I can't completely understand? She cracks me up.

6. The Loaded Handbag - While the photo of the martinis sold me initially, this writer's posts about "Match Day" had me on pins and needles.

These two are new guys and you should give them a look - funny stuff!!

1.  The Way I See It - Allison just started this, and while I feel sorry for her new terrible diet, she makes me laugh.

2. I'll Have it on the Side - Her post about computer dating made me snort a little. I was glad I was alone.



Danger Boy said...

Oh, thanks for the award! I Lurve you too!
Even if I am jealous of your hotel on the Riverwalk. They were just finishing construction on that Rain Forest when I was there. You'd think I'd remember the Alamo, but was all about the food for me, that trip. And the margaritas. :)

Nicki said...

Ha! I just saw your comment on my blog...but the truth is, I already knew. I've had this blog post open all evening thinking up my acceptance speech. Yes. I'm that neurotic. AND NOW I FEEL PRESSURED. THANKS.

You know I kid, and you know (or at least I hope you know, or guessed, or intuited) that it is an HONOR to receive this award, especially since it's from one of my best-loved blogs. I'm slowly working my way through your recommendations. You have impeccable taste. And I don't say that because you chose me. That would be a dick comment, Nicki. GET IT TOGETHER YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT AT THIS.

Ahem. Thank you. It's an honor.

Nicki said...

ALSO. I adore that pic of Mads looking out the hotel window. And I think I'll try throwing my PJs in the tub, too. Sounds faster than waiting for the washer.

windybot said...

This was another good one. I love your blog, it's even above the geek news on my igoogle page.

So, I made you a wordle for your trip:

Susan in the Boonies said...

Thanks for these recommendations, and for linking me to your post! I enjoy a good read so very much!