Tuesday, April 19, 2011

High School Quote-a-palooza

Ok, peeps. Here's mine:

"I'd rather be honest than polite.." 

 (What a bitch I was, really..)

Now, let's hear yours. 

Were you inspirational like Kasey Kasem? 


Song lyrics?

Shared a quote with a friend? (Extra lame)

My layers are quivering with anticipation. Shovel your yearbooks out from under the dust and 

This is what passes for voyeurism at my age.

...to the keg!
Seriously, was this you? *smirk*


Blondie said...

:( I don't have a yearbook....sad.

Christi said...

Me neither. All my yearbooks were lost in a move years ago. However, I'm guessing I was the one who doodled little pictures of hearts and smiley faces and wrote messages about whatever our inside joke might have been.

Hannah said...

Hmmm. It's hard to think back that far. My brain is cowering in fear. I know I was a major song lyric hog (I still have my stacks of pages that I printed out.) I was also someone who wrote a lot of inside jokes in my friend's yearbooks. Ones that sadly, I don't remember anymore. I do remember I was voted Class Flirt my senior year. I'll dig out my yearbooks and see if I have any quotes in it.

Reptiles in the Ice Cream said...

I don't think I made it into the yearbook. I know I never had a quote. Mine would be:

"I dig music. Wait, I am a golden God. k, I dig music."

Then, I would jump off the roof of the house into the pool.

Nicki said...

At the last second, I changed it from "Every generation needs a new revolution" (Thomas Jefferson) to a funny quote a classmate of mine said without thinking. While that may sound lame, I don't regret it at all. I was always the girl who took herself too seriously. I was the one who was eighteen-going-on-eighty. Nice to see me come away from Literary Pretension World for a breath of fresh (potentially immature?) air.

The Onion said...

@ Nicki - I was that girl too. It took until I turned 30 for me get the stick out.

I don't believe the rest of you!! You don't have to get the yearbook out, just think back.

Or lie, how would I know?

Anonymous said...

Mine have been archived and are so delicate you have to wear white gloves in a sterile temperature and humidity controlled room. They sit right next to the Constitution.... HA!

Deb (Day In and Day Out) - it doesn't like my OpenID :/

Danger Boy said...

Mine might have been "up yours". My high school years were not my favorites, and I have no yearbooks by choice. It's my baggage.

Anonymous said...

Mine was something along the lines of 'if you don't like what you see or hear from me, then get lost'. I was a unique blend of what some would stereotype as 'goth', 'nerd', 'outcast/rebel', and 'hippy'.. I am still the same blend, but nowadays I could (mostly) care less what other people think.

windybot said...

Mine was "The key to understanding life is understanding." by me!

I remember that my friends from CCHS bought a senior yearbook for me and signed it, even though I'd moved to my father's house junior year. That really meant a lot to me.

Years later, as a teacher, I was the yearbook advisor. Wow! I've had my fill of the yearbook drama . . .