Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Best Policy

I am tired and having a vacation hangover, so I hopped over to Studio 30 to see what their writing prompt is for the week. (The prompt is kind of like Viagra for bloggers).

This is what they had posted...


It made me think of how much bullshit being honest can be.

I like to think I am an honest person, was even voted "most blunt" of my Senior class.

What a weird category.

"Most Popular" and "Best Looking" were already taken... by the good looking and popular people.


I will admit, I pretty much "told it like it was" by high school, after years and years and years of saying what I thought went with the company line of high school popularity. Thank God for that, before I became a Stepford Wife.

I've got your rump roast right here, honey...

However, introspection would probably uncover, among some other horrifying thoughts, that I was being blunt and honest in order to mask some other insecurities, or some such psycho-babble nonsense.

I still think I am one who tells it like it is, but I have matured a little since then, and I no longer need to be a petulant brat about it. (No commenting, Special Agent or TWIN)

Using the truth to be rude or shocking is...well, assholery. When truly, the biggest challenge is to stop lying to yourself.

I told someone recently a movie line that I always seem to remember (pop quiz....)

"First rule of poker is....throw in your cards when you know they can't win.."

(Name it)

I think in all of my honesty, truth, the mighty verdad, there are many times when I held onto a hand that I knew

would not
could not
will not


The person said they preferred to stay the hand, and bluff.

The question is, bluff who?


The Defiant Marshmallow said...

Funny thing is I want to say how true this is, but then it would sound like an example of truth that isn't truth. Except that it is. True, I mean. Truly.

You nailed the problem so many people have of "telling it like it is" in that they are exactly what you described as petulant brats about it. Assholery.

Well done.

Nicki said...

"When truly, the biggest challenge is to stop lying to yourself." I think this is the one of the hardest things to learn--especially the first step, which is figuring out which are lies...or realizing just how many past lies you've told yourself.

The Onion said...

Check out this post, about "leaning into the sharp points".


Blondie said...

My, what a timely post. Today I will be tempering my honesty with diplomacy while firmly establishing boundaries with Lloyd. Again. I think we can speak truthfully without being assholes, and some truths, while difficult to hear are necessary. So, the key today is for me to keep my anger and frustration on the down-low, to not speak my inner commentary, but to translate the "i hate you and think there is no hope for you to do better" into "my purpose is to assist you, however I am unable to assist you until we get these things on the table." WISH ME LUCK!

Danger Boy said...

Well spoken. Truly, it's most difficult to be honest with ourselves. I must go contemplate. Or play Mortal Kombat. ;)

The Empress said...

Nice post and great food for thought. Thanks for the blog love by the way. You made my day!

Trooper Thorn said...

Our school didn't vote for most blunt, but we had "Most Bland". It wasn't me, in case you are wondering.

The quote is from "Rounders".

Bushman said...

I prefer to lie to myself in order to make myself feel better about well.....myself.
However I will not lie to anyone else. Ironic?

Random Girl said...

I agree, being honest with yourself sometimes takes all the damn fun out of it. Great job with the S30P prompt!

Trophy wife said...

Honesty will set you free,but first its gonna piss you off