Friday, April 27, 2012

Sea Change

While speaking to a friend recently about a difficult time in his family, he used a term I was not familiar with: 

sea change. 

Because of our conversation, I understood his meaning, but of course, I had to look it up

sea change

A profound or notable transformation.

Taken from Shakespeare's The Tempest, the phrase stuck with me and I have been carrying it (and my conversation with my friend) around for several days, mulling it over. 

You all know that among my layers is one that likes change.
Even loves change;
embraces it,
desires it. 

But a SEA CHANGE is an entirely different animal, and one that I felt deep down as soon as I read the definition. A moment in time when something occurs that doesn't just mean a new job, new location, or excitement. A sea change alters everything in time and space. 
It changes who you are.  
And that change won't change back. And that change isn't ever going to leave you.

But, you live. You learn to live with the change in your life. The change in yourself. 
You're still happy. Probably even similar; just not the same. 

I have felt the sea change, but I didn't know what to call it until now. 
Now, I know. 

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~The Stiletto Cowgirl~ said...

Wow!, I have never heard that term either.......I have experienced "sea change".......and life is still good!!