Friday, December 9, 2011

Beyond the Door

The doorbell rang, sending the dog into a barking frenzy. She looked at her dough covered hands and glanced toward the door.

"Hey guys..?"
"Hello? Hello..? Can someone get the door..?" she called over her shoulder through the house.

Scowling at her hands, she flicked her wrists to remove some of the gunk stuck between all of her fingers and her wedding ring. She should have taken it off to make the rolls, but hadn't. 

"Kids -doorbell!"she yelled, listening for movement. She cursed the headphones she had bought for their new video game system. 
The doorbell rang again. More barking.
"Ugh." she sighed. dang kids. 

Holding her hands like a surgeon, she walked toward the door, looking at the dark form in the glass. The dog paced around the foyer.
She clumsily crossed her forearms to try to turn the knob, giving up and using two sticky slimy hands to try to turn the knob. The slippery dough didn't make it easy and she leaned over the knob trying to gain traction. She felt the knob turn. "Finally..", she muttered, swinging the door wide with her elbow, her hands still upturned to keep the dough from dropping.

She stared. 

"Hi", he said and smiled, the sun shining around the back of his head like a halo. 
Surprised eyes and a slow smile spread over her face. "Hi..."she said back, feeling tears as she stared at the camouflage uniform, weathered tan skin and complete and utter wonderfulness of reality. 
She hugged him, smelling his familiar scent as she snuggled her head into his neck.

He was home. 
He was safe. 

Outside, the snow began to fall. 

This post is dedicated to all those serving away from their loved ones this holiday season. It was inspired by the following prompt:  use the holiday season to inspire you to write a 
piece beginning with “The doorbell rang” and ending with “snow began to fall.”


Lazarus said...

Very, very nice post Stacie!

Kristina said...

Wow. This is so very, very sweet. It made me cry. LOVED how you did this.

angela said...

There's such sweetness here; a mother's mild irritation at needing the door answered, the problem opening the door, and then realizing none of those things mattered.

And I love that you dedicated it to those serving and away from their families.

Alison said...

Aw, I teared up at the end of this. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Real and wonderful--I loved this.

Cameron said...

I love her holding her hands up like a surgeon - that's a great description. And the fact that she left her wedding rings on, even though she was working with sticky dough. It's a nice little detail.

Venus said...

I love this... We all need reminders that there are people out there who can't be home for the holidays, and that there are proud families who miss them. Really well-written! Also, you're right, doughy hands are a nightmare.