Monday, August 15, 2011

Five Solid Reasons to Love The GLEE Project

1.  Being uncool is cool 
Just like its parent show GLEE, The GLEE Project embraces being a little weird, a little different, a little off. It reminds all of us, cool-kids-lunch table or not, that EVERYONE has worth. (Except for my former brother in law, he is seriously and painfully worthless.)

2.  Awesome covers of songs you only belt out in the car
Feast your ears on all manner of song choices assigned to the cast. You can hear some awesome renditions of songs you used to sing into a hairbrush with your brother (ok, just me, I guess) like "Don't You Want Me" and Under Pressure/Ice Ice baby and Jessie's Girl.

3.  Identifying with your favorite character
Because you get to know the cast, see their talent as well as their vulnerability, it becomes easy to root for one of them, or ALL of them. Fans feel the crushing blow when a cast member is not called back and elation for those who will make it through one more round..or those who quit on principle, and to save their friend from being eliminated. After singing a beautiful haunting version of "Blackbird".

4.  No one gets called back based only on talent
After crooning out their best during the final three song showdown, you will think you know who is going to get the axe because their song was a little off, their moves a little stiff. Then, the sour faced director Ryan grills the terrified singers, digging into their soul to see what lies beneath a great voice and teen angst. He smiles like a Cheshire cat as he watches the kids sing for their supper. Damien's charm has carried him through many a rough final song performance. 

Many times, the person who sang the best is labeled "least writable" and isn't called back. Sometimes this isn't fair at all and you yell at the sour faced producer Ryan. Even though he can't hear you. 

5.  There is no voting 
Thank you baby Jesus, there is no secret voting by the members of the cast. There is very little back biting and since being awkward can be a bonus, there is little to be gained by Machiavellian tendencies. 

This show has heart. It makes me want to cheer for it, for the cast members who are weird, heavy, gay, conceited, small, moody, angst-ridden and wildly talented. I would love to see all of them on GLEE. The next pool of kids at William McKinley High School is going to be one to watch. 


i'mtransplanted said...

I will tune in! =)

Nicki said...


Besides Damien, who is my favorite TV contestant of all time (the accent! the colloquialisms! the way everything he says sounds like a question!) I really thought Marissa had a good shot-- she was cute as hell, had a backstory, and rocked a solid voice. When she left I was a little disillusioned-- I mean, if Rachel's leaving the show, get a different Broadway powerhouse and call it a day, don't try to replace her with a GIRL WHO IS EXACTLY LIKE RACHEL...aka Lindsay...not to mention the girl will have .04 times the fan base of the other finalists.

Cameron leaving....sad face. I loved that little hipster Elvis Costello. Even if he did only have one dance move.

Left Coast Guy said...

I dont know what I think about GLEE. The idea that you need more talent than just, well, talent is kinda so "realityville." But they are really cool (and uncool) people to watch. But what happens to you if you have masses of talent and...nothing else? We dont do talent for its own sake anymore?


Mrs. Tuna said...

Have to say I've never even watched Glee, it must be in conflict with something the Man wants to see. Love singing shows.....

Norway said...

First time reader, but I have to say that once I saw you knew Glee, I was hooked. I've only seen a couple of episodes of The Glee Project, but I'm hoping maybe Ryan will get his act together and maybe write in Cameron and Hannah. They totally deserve it and would make the show even more awesome (if that's possible, since Darren Criss joined the cast. I adore the man).

Lazarus said...

I admire your zeal but I can't really get into it. Not your fault though, excellent try!