Sunday, March 27, 2011



It's one of those ol' lazy Sundays....except i actually have a lot to do so that lazy part isn't really as beneficial as it would appear.

Need to work, need to clean, need to exercise, need to complete taxes, need to plan family vacation, need to plan for attendance to my niece's Make-a-Wish Trip to San Antonio (Need to tell you about Madmax one of these days), need to clean out closet, need to solve the world's problems, need to stop watching "Save the Last Dance" on TBS....


Shel Silverstein, who else? 
Planning a family vacation should be scads of fun and something to look forward to, yes? But, the kids are going to end up in therapy if we deny them access to the D-place any longer. I didn't go there and I turned out FINE. Well, mostly.

What a nightmare. I am actually considering HIRING someone to plan the trip for me. Everyone keeps telling me how much we will love it, how magical it is, how it will cement our family bond for life or longer.


These are the things I know about Special Agent and the Baboos:
1) They don't like crowds.
2) They don't like chaos
3) They don't like scary rides
4) They don't like waiting in line.
5) They don't like commercialism (ok, this is me)

SO, this seems like what we are after:

Yet, this is what we are considering:

WHY, I ask you? WHYYY?



Emily said...

Great post! Disney World is awesome, but not what I would call relaxing. My kids are 6 and 3 and my 6 yr. old has been to Disney 3 times. We love it there. It does take a lot of research and planning, but you will have fun! Some would say, a MAGICAL time... : )

Anonymous said...

Stacie, ask your mom about our trip to Disney for our sister vacation one year. I told my sisters to wear comfortable shoes, but your mom ended up buying all the band aids in Disney for her

Nicki said...

I vote the beach. And I ADORE Disney.

Side note: if you go during the right time of year, you won't have the crowds and craziness of summer/Christmastime/Easter-time.

Anonymous said...

Stop bitching and DON'T GO ~
love your friend who truly loves you,

The Onion said...

I truly love her too.

One loves a friend who isn't afraid to call you out on your bitching and whining on your own damn blog. Now THAT is a pal.;-)

Danger Boy said...

You inspired me today. I blame you for bringing up today's post topic. :)
Go, have fun, but don't try to do everything.
And for the love of the gods, don't go through small world without a shotgun. :)

Anonymous said...

Disney Hawaii... seriously. Might meet all needs? Sarah P in Michigan

Amy Sumner said...

My parents never took us to D land and look how well we turned out!

Elle said...

We took our son to Disney World 2 summers ago. He was 7 at the time. After the 3rd day of parks he asked if we could stay at the hotel on the 4th day because he was "all parked out!: : ) Disney World is great in small doses.