Thursday, October 7, 2010

Either/Either, Neither/Neither...Lets Call the Whole Thing Off

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 (Disclaimer: My apologies for the snarky running post yesterday; I think I was the victim of a caffeine and Excedrin overdose. I am much better today and while the RP talk will still make me squint, The Onion loves all of those crazy skinny runner types too, even if she struggles to understand why they do not prefer to do something more sedentary with their time, like reading magazines.)

And speaking of world peace, I want to talk with you all today about politics {{cue scary music here}}.  Every morning on my GMA there are a barrage of Tea Party-ers vs Obama hopers duking it out over who has it, or Left. One gentleman, (whose name I did not catch since I was blow drying during intros) said somewhat correctly that while he "may be drinking the Kool-aid, my opponent has been drinking too much TEA."  I yelled out an "AMEN BROTHER!", which made the kids come running. This guy, who may or may not be worth a plug nickel as a candidate has at least this sentiment correct.

We do have too many Kool aid stands and tea parties going on. Where can we get some nice, clean water without added bullshit? Moderates, I know we are all busy with out own mostly dull lives and staging a revolt isn't really our style, but I think it is partially our fault that politics have swung so far out of reason for.....ever.

During my lifetime, Republican administrations have problems with credibility (Iran/Contra, WMD's among many). During Democratic administrations we have also had problems (Lewinskygate, Obamacare, among many).  Both can be blamed for mistakes made that led to or further complicated the economic meltdown of late. The flaming liberals are jumping up and down on top of their hybrid mini vans, yelling about change. The Republicans are tightening their navy blue blazers and scoffing how things are going to damn well "change" around here in November as well. Meanwhile, Moderates (myself included) are thinking "This is a train wreck. Obamacare seems to have a boatload of problems, but the Tea Party Nazi's are freaking me out". And then we shrug and get on with our day.

In my own lovely, but highly Republican state, a DEMOCRAT as Governor is wildly well liked...I think because he is a moderate, as well as being really funny. He has been touted as being a Democratic Republican, but I truly believe his success as Governor came because he was a middle of the road guy, and was able to make magic on both sides.  Most of the time, both sides were happy with some issues and annoyed with him over others, which I believe to be a true measure of success as a leader. No one was getting their way all of the time with that fella. We have a more moderate Republican on deck for Nov., and I hope he can show the grace and calm of our current guy. We will miss you Gov. Dave.

Many of the Tea Party movement and Liberal Left would choke on their tea/medical marijuana if they knew their congress members were duking it out over bills on the floor, and then attending events with their pals from across the aisle in their spare time. 

So, get to work Moderates! In order to stop having a 4-8 year pendulum swing from the highly Democratic administration to the highly Republican administration (moderates feeling the blade each time it crosses from one side to the other..) we need to speak up and share the moderate view that holds places in both the right and left, and sometimes..NEITHER. Perhaps we could have our own parties, block party style, with a tag line that would apply to both the Radical Right and Liberal Left that said "Don't be Ridiculous!".

Megan McCain is not my hero in the least, but she made a bit of a splash on the heels of her Dad's crash and burn election (Palin = mistake) to point out that youth in America can't get on board with being Republican when people like Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter are the faces of the GOP. America's young people are a more relaxed about what "traditional values" mean and can't always jibe with the radical right that is the noisiest portion of the GOP. In the same vein, the radical left isn't really where they fit either, likening GOP to Nazi's and such. So, guess what? They aren't getting involved AT ALL. Politics? Learning about the issues? No thanks.

Rise up Moderates, and throw soccer balls at all of the candidates. If you aren't voting, START. That's an easy fix!! Consider becoming a candidate yourself in your local town to at least gain some balance in debates and give voters some reasonable goals to hold on to. Moderates are the largest group, with the smallest voice. Do you really want this guy speaking for you...on either side? Or this lady? SEROSLY??

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